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Finland is home of the finest Brown trout waters in the world all bathed in the Midnight Sun.  Flexibility allows us to offer trips to suit everyone from the Novice to the expert. You can have one day with one of our professional fishing guides or all week . They live in the area and know the waters better than anyone! They are familiar with the local seasons, fish runs, fishing techniques and the ever changing habitat of our resident brownies.

Fishing Season April to November. Best season for spinning is May-June and August-October.  Fly fishing starts from mid June, when the spring flood has calmed down to normal water level.

Fishing Waters Tour includes fishing in various rapids in the Central Finland area. Kapeenkoski,  Keskisenkoski, Huopanankoski, Heijostenkoski and Äyskoski rapids. All these waters are among the best Scandinavian fishing waters, if you are into brown trout and grayling.  Guides will plan the best schedule for every guest.

Drift Boat fishing River fishing from drift boats, your guide will take you through the unspoiled waters of the Central Finland. Comfortable and stable McKenzie drift boats allow you to Fly fish or spin with ease.  There is something undeniably special about floating a river. Your perspective changes as you slip quietly down stream.  You glide easily from place to place, anticipating the next riffle, the next flat, the next tailout.  After a while, you realize that you have left the rushing onslaught of daily life behind and in its place there is only the river and the wild brown trout.

McKenzie Drift boats have been used in Canada, North America and New Zealand for decades and now those are at the Kapeenkoski rapids, Finland.

Target Species Large Brown trout and good size Grayling abound in the rivers of  Central Finland.

Accommodation  In local holiday cottages, all equipped with modern conveniences or at Sokos Hotels in Jyväskylä.

Suggested Items Personal tackle, suitable outdoor clothing, camera, binoculars, sunglasses and sunscreen (insect repellent during June recommended).

Fishing Gear Both the fishing waters and the fish in Central Finland are of "medium" size, and therefore you should avoid using too heavy gear in order to best enjoy these sporting fish. The most common gear for fly fishing here is floating line; AFTMA 4 to 7, and rods about 9 feet long. The best flies resemble the various development phases of the caddis fly, and lures should resemble small vendace, roach, perch and bullhead. Also spin fishing requires only light-weight equipment, a 6 to 8-foot rod, a 0.25 mm line plus a collection of smallish baits like spinners, spoons and wobblers in the lure box. 

Suggested Clothing Boots, hat, warm clothing to suit a variety of weather conditions, rain gear.

Min. Number of People per group 2

Equipment Provided at Extra Charge Fishing tackle, waders. Drift boats available with guide only at Kapeenkoski rapids.

Weather Information: Summer temperatures on average 15-25 degrees Celsius during the day.  Link to the weather information site: http://www.fmi.fi/en/index.html

Äänekoski – Laukaa – Hankasalmi – Viitasaari - Tervo
Region: Central Finland – Western Lakeland
Airport: Jyväskylä

Nearest City: Jyväskylä
Distance to Helsinki: 300 – 400km


For further details or a specific quote  contact   Stevie Munn at anglingclassics@aol.com

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